Self Help Approach Women

Include in : Improving socio-economic prominence of rural women through self-help groups, small business plans, smart agriculture technique, health & hygiene sessions and WASH components. Sustainable solutions to be promoted among rural women, they need to be organized in self-help groups for taking self-help Initiatives at their living places. They also need guidance to avail livelihood opportunities which already exist in the area such as livestock management, people unity, sites for kitchen

LAMP is strengthening groups of women who either have no access or very limited access to livelihood opportunities. The culture of the areas doesn’t allow women to be involved in livelihood enhancement. Women are being more organized and empowered and are part of a group whose aim is women empowerment, sustainable solutions and livelihood uplift. Capacity building sessions with women are raising awareness among women groups and strengthen individual women as well.

Women along with their male family members are learning to construct and use pit latrine which will help to reduce open defecation and keeps environment clean through community Led total sanitation model.Women are being facilitated for kitchen gardening, LAMP team is ensuring that targeted communities grow the vegetables on regular bases. Smart agriculture techniques are also being introduced to women groups.

Through awareness rising, women are also leading and having concerns about Livestock vaccination, women and child vaccination which is being getting from government official and paramedics and improving the health.

Self Help Approaches are very visible and practical source of poor families and communities as well as for women to gather in group start savings along with learning and improving knowledge. It is a voluntarily available option for women, to help each other for the livelihood enhancement, small scale business and entrepreneurship opportunities. Thousands of families have been impacted positively and are benefiting from self-help approach.

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