About Us

Lead Against Marginality and Poverty (“LAMP” registered under societies act 1860 in 2007-08) is a non-governmental relief and development organization, which works to build the capacity of local communities to help them out of poverty and to reduce the risk of disasters. LAMP’s vision is for a Pakistani society in which all members have equal access to improved lifestyle and livelihood opportunities, with a particular focus on poor and vulnerable women, children and youth, and those from the most marginalized communities. Our mission is to see communities and individuals fully developed through an integrated approach of capacity building, group formation and experience-based learning techniques. LAMP Pakistan has extensive experience in emergencies especially shelter and rehabilitation and livelihoods especially agriculture, capacity building and education projects in Sindh Province. We include women and children in all our projects, and we specialize in helping communities find local solutions to local problems, working with local staff.

LAMP was founded in 2007 as a community development organization, providing trainings and capacity building to the poorest of the poor in Sindh. We have significant expertise and experience in disaster relief and rehabilitation, particularly following the 2010 floods. In addition, we have developed a holistic, low cost approach to sustainable community development on a self-help basis, called the Integrated Community Development Programme (ICDP), around which all of our projects are based. We work in rural communities in Sindh, as well as urban slums, In each community, we run several complementary projects designed to engage the whole family particularly women and children, focusing on education in local schools, and self-help groups for women that focus on livelihoods, WASH and food security. As part of the ICDP, we also help our communities to advocate with local authorities for improved provision of services, greater gender equality, disaster risk reduction, and other issues of importance to the community.

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