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Recap 2021- LAMP

LAMP was founded in 2007 as a community development organization, providing trainings and capacity building to the poorest of the poor in Sindh. We have significant expertise and experience in disaster relief and rehabilitation, particularly following the 2010 floods. In addition, we have developed a holistic, low cost approach to sustainable community development on a self-help basis, called the Integrated Community Development Programme...

Self Help Group 2017 onwards

Tharparkar District remain in the limelight because of emerging issues of health and nutrition, the women have no livelihood opportunities in the areas. Strengthening Self Help Group project has been improving socio-economic prominence of rural women through self-help groups, small business plans, smart agriculture technique, health & hygiene sessions and WASH components. Women started small businesses, enhanced management skills of SHG...

Emergency Preparedness, Mitigation and Response

LAMP promotes Disaster Risk Reduction Techniques within local resources. Pakistan is vulnerable to disaster risks therefore LAMP Pakistan conducts relief work where it is needed, our emergency response is based on the needs of the affected population through a framework of saving lives, protecting & supporting livelihoods and strengthening local communities through capacity building programs.

About Us

Lead Against Marginality and Poverty (“LAMP” registered under societies act 1860 in 2007-08) is a non-governmental relief and development organization, which works to build the capacity of local communities to help them out of poverty and to reduce the risk of disasters. LAMP’s vision is for a Pakistani society in which all members have equal access to improved lifestyle and livelihood opportunities, with a particular focus on poor and...

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