Programs & Projects

LAMP Pakistan is supporting and facilitating thousands of poor and marginalized families, especially those affected by natural disasters in 2010, 2011, and 2012 irrespective of caste, creed, gender or ethnicity. Emergency Response, Rehabilitation and development work is being carried out in different parts of Sindh (Pakistan) through Social Development Program.

1. Capacity Building of Peoples and Organizations

From the very inception of LAMP Pakistan Capacity Building program remained the focus in all the projects. Along with the rural communities LAMP Pakistan also strives to build the capacity of its staff, local organization, Bible schools and Young leaders. With the belief that better trained people means a more effective response to humanitarian needs. The Capacity Building of people and organization Program works to improve the recruitment, retention, development, and deployment of skilled and experienced people by ensuring that they receive trainings on how to manage teams and programs, to lead staff in difficult and stressful contexts, and to support non-humanitarian staff with core humanitarian skills. LAMP Pakistan has made its Punjab chapter operational to work in the direction of capacity Building of people and organization.

2. Child Focused Community Development Program:

LAMP Pakistan has unique working style with local communities for the biggest challenge of the current years, LAMP mobilize community for local community schools with self help basis, and little support. LAMP works on Child Protection, Child Rights, Basic Health & Nutrition and primary schooling for disadvantaged and less privileged children. Quality education is the centre of the challenges we face in the 21st century. Health, environment, security and prosperity all are linked by education.

3. Livelihood, Food Security & Environment Conservation Program:

LAMP facilitates communities for the livelihoods and food security, and initiates environment conservation within available natural & local resources in collaboration with local communities. Our approach is to resolve problem, to identify and address the root cause of hunger, production, access and to enhance the income with indigenous knowledge & experience for sustainable solutions.

4. Emergency Response and Early Recovery Program:

LAMP promotes Disaster Risk Reduction Techniques within local resources. Pakistan is vulnerable to disaster risks therefore LAMP Pakistan conducts relief work where it is needed, our emergency response is based on the needs of the affected population through a framework of saving lives, protecting & supporting livelihoods and strengthening local communities through capacity building programs.

5. Water Sanitation, Health & Hygiene Awareness

LAMP Pakistan is contributing towards worldwide goal “With safe water and sanitation, simple taps and toilets, we can help save 2.4 million lives a year”, helping communities to adopt Community Led Total Sanitation approach.

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