Capacity Building Program (Skills trainings)

LAMP–Pakistan is targeting school dropouts who have no source of livelihood and no access to basic facilities of living better life.

LAMP-Pakistan has been focusing and providing them trainings, in kind support and tools in order to be skilled, uplifting and encouraging to learn technical skills and contribute in family living.

We are also providing them enormous opportunities, getting them uplifted and developing themselves for improvement in behavior, life style and enhancement in economic status of families.LAMP teams as well as beneficiaries are also witnessing tangible impacts in their living.

LAMP-Pakistan is reaching to apprentices/beneficiaries/youth in various district of Sindh provinces.Where awareness raising is the major part in which communitiesare being acknowledged that, families, communities and nation cannot move forward until youth is not skilled and well behaved , having vision and strategies for standard living to be achieved.

Capacity building program have impacted many families in various districts of Sindh positively, selected school dropout learning technical skills for becoming earning hand and intellectual skills for improving their behavior towards better life style, so far Hundreds of school dropout are benefiting from skill training and capacity building prom from different district .

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