LAMP PAKISTAN strengthens communities through Capacity Building

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" LAMP saving lives by solving indigenous problems through localized solution to reduce poverty"

Change World for Better Future

2nd Youth Conference 2022

LAMP is working with youth to RETHINK our capital REBUILD and RESTORE their role in community development for the self-sustainability and economic empowerment

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Emergency & Disaster Recovery Program

LAMP PAKISTAN conducts emergency work wherever it is needed. Emergency response is based on the needs of the affected population, through a framework of Rescue, relief and rehabilitation by saving lives, supporting livelihoods and strengthening local communities

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Self Help Approach Women

Include in : Improving socio-economic prominence of rural women through self-help groups, small business plans, smart agriculture technique, health & hygiene sessions and WASH components. Sustainable solutions to be promoted among rural women, they need to be organized in self-help groups for...

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Capacity Building Program (Skills trainings)

LAMP–Pakistan is targeting school dropouts who have no source of livelihood and no access to basic facilities of living better life. LAMP-Pakistan has been focusing and providing them trainings, in kind support and tools in order to be skilled, uplifting and encouraging to learn technical skills...

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WASH- Improving living standards

LAMP’ WASH is addressing community led total sanitation issues and minimizing spread of diseases, providing water within villages, awareness on health and hygiene practices helping communities to practice hand washing, personal hygiene, environmental and domestic hygiene, which is all about...

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Integrated Community Development Program

LAMP; Integrated community development program is an integrated approach towards strengthening communities, child primary education and integrated model themes such as environment, livelihood, WASH and women empowerment are the prime components of the program.Communities schools are operational in...

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In the fast-paced modern world, there’s more than one way where you can make contribution. Every donation counts. You can choose contribute through general donation. Or, you can be a volunteer to participate actively in the campaign. If you’re up for it, join us for both!


Districts Served

1 Million+

Benefitted in last 10 years

250 Thousand +

Families Being Supported

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Recent Videos & Human Interest Stories


CEO & Delegation of TearFund visit to Jamshoro District LAMP-PAKISTAN

CEO & Delegation of TearFund visitation to the beneficiaries, LAMP in collaboration with...

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Recap 2021- LAMP

LAMP was founded in 2007 as a community development organization, providing trainings and capacity...

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Self Help Group 2017 onwards

Tharparkar District remain in the limelight because of emerging issues of health and nutrition,...

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