About Us

Our Vision:

Society with improved Lifestyle and Equal Livelihood Opportunities

Our Mission:

Humanitarian development through integrated approach of capacity building; group formation & Experience based learning techniques.

Emergency Preparedness, Mitigation and Response

LAMP PAKISTAN conducts emergency work wherever it is needed. Emergency response is based on the needs of the affected population, through a framework of Rescue, relief and rehabilitation by saving lives, supporting livelihoods and strengthening local communities through capacity building programs.

Our Goals:

  • Build capacities of people and Organization to improve livelihood and changed lifestyle towards humanitarian development
  • Manage available Natural Resources to feed the marginalized communities and increase their income to help and motivate people, help each other to live with unity & equality
  • Respond to Emergencies & Natural Disasters
  • Fight against basic health issues of the less privileged people
  • Provide the basic rights of humanity to the most vulnerable including Education, Health, Food, Clothing & Shelter